Norbert Verneuer

Our production is founded on three principles

The love for games, toys and for wood (as a material) is the personal basis of my work. Living in the countryside close to nature ourselves, discovering nature’s treasures and knowing of its endangerment constitute our working principle: natural-organic-ecological. Since wood as a material possesses unique haptics, it can be discovered by children playfully and in an unspoilt way. The feeling of warmth, the solidity and the smell of wood address the child’s senses. As we work with certified natural materials only, children can also explore the toy orally. Wood is a renewable resource which, at the end of its usage time, returns to the natural cycle and does not burden our ecological system. The entire manufacturing process is committed to this principle. Wood requires a shaping, which in the light of this principle impacts the co-education of the child’s play pedagogically and balances it at the same time as it exudes a peacefulness and aesthetic appearance. The Production is work-intensive and requires knowledge and attention to detail. This makes the products valuable. A wooden dollhouse or a farmstead are gifts for life which can be passed on through many generations. A person who purchases wooden toys does not only value the product but values especially the presentee. In contrast to accuracy to the smallest detail with the focus on the end product being as close to reality as possible, we deliberately decided to give our toys a more simple and modest shape which leaves space for the children’s fantasy and allows creative playing in different development phases. Welcome to my workshop! Some scenes of the development process…

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